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Cloud mining is the best way to start bitcoin mining instantly. Here, You don't require any hardware, Any technical knowledge. It's such a simple mine together as a group by sharing your hashing power. Rewards is shared among all the contributors. Don't miss the opportunity to join our free cloud mining platform to generate passive income.

Big No, Bestmining is one of the leading bitcoin cloud mining company. It is one of the trustworthy and secure investments in cryptocurrency. Keep in mind the Ponzi Scheme is investment fraud. It follows principal like, payment is a return to existing customers once funds paid by new investors. As we are working since 2018, so we are the most secure and trusted cloud mining company.

Yes, Bestmining has a more profitable affiliate program. Every free user can get a 20% referral bonus. Want to earn more? Upgrade to Bestmining premium plans to get more referral bonus. You can get upto a 100% referral bonus.

Everyone needs to pay fixed transaction fees of 0.001BTC.

All newly generated bitcoin is added to your secure Bestmining account balance. Even you can withdraw it anytime. To withdraw, go to the dashboard, look for withdrawal section, next make a request to withdraw funds.

You can easily Signup and start mining, Signup using your wallet address, upgrade your plans, share your referral link, and get the first payout within 24 hours.

The maximum validity of the cloud mining plan is 6 months from the date of purchase.

Blockchain.info allows you to create a free bitcoin wallet address. Just Signup and get your bitcoin wallet address instantly.

Right now! Bestmining doesn't have a refund policy. Once hashing power allotted to clients, it will not be refunded in any case.

If you don't find answers, You can directly contact us via contact us page or mail us [email protected] Our technical team is availabe round to clock to assist your any concern.

Having multiple accounts is against our terms and condition. Only one account per person is allowed. Suppose you hold more than one account. It might result in immediate termination of your Bestmining membership account.

Without any investment in Bestmining you can earn 0.000288 BTC every day. But we highly recommended upgrading your plans to earn up to 1BTC/day. Feel the real experience of bitcoin cloud mining.

In most cases, you can withdraw your money instantly. In some cases, because of our security, we did a manual withdrawal process. It may take a longer time than usual.

Our minimum upgradation plan is starting from as low as 0.01 BTC. You can withdraw your earn bitcoin once it reaches the minimum payment threshold of 0.005 BTC.

Once you upgrade to a premium plan, it will activate instantly. There is no limits to upgrade, and our uptime guarantee is 99.99%, so upgrade confidently and earn more.

Bestmining doesn't support plan upgradation from Bestmining wallet. You have to pay for an external wallet to upgrade Bestmining plans.

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